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Dr. Carole Weaver Linsner 

On Friday, March 25, 2022, Dr. Carole Weaver Linsner passed away from cancer at age 78. At home in Sloatsburg, NY, she was surrounded by her husband and sons. 


Carole will always be remembered as a radiant, beautiful woman who lit up every room she entered. Despite her own circumstances, she always had words of encouragement for those around her. 


Born Carole Ann McKewin on October 28, 1943, in Baltimore, Maryland, her father,  Milton McKewin, was a steamfitter and her mother, Jeanette (Dubiel) McKewin, was a housewife and department store salesperson.


As a girl, Carole went to Baltimore's Saint Ursula's School, a Catholic High School. Upon receiving a full scholarship, she attended Mount Saint Agnes College (now part of Loyola College) and distinguished herself as an award-winning actress as well as graduating cum laude. Years later in 2021, in honor of Carole’s service to her community, the College presented her with The Mount Award, the highest alumni honor given by her alma mater,  


Carole went on to get a Masters's Degree in English from the University of Maryland and was then employed by the University to teach American military dependents in among other places, Wiesbaden and Munich, Germany, as well as Oxford, England. When she returned home, she continued her education by earning her PhD.


After receiving her Doctorate, Dr. Carole Weaver taught at The University of Delaware and Iona College in New York until, after many years in the classroom, she turned to a career in fundraising. Her first employment was with Iona, followed by the College of New Rochelle, and then later for Sound Shore Medical Center on Long Island.


One of her most satisfying and successful fund-raising efforts was the ten years she spent on behalf of the National Medical Fellowships, a non-profit which served as a sponsor for sending underprivileged, qualified students to medical school.

While in her 60s, Carole received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Despite this shocking blow, she rallied forth to become the author of three books: SIDE EFFECTS: The Art of Surviving Cancer, PIES TO DIE FOR: How to Live a Vibrant Life Despite a Fatal Diagnosis, and TRAIN ROMANCE: Poetry and Images, of which she was a Co-Author. 

Dr. Carole Weaver Linsner at her 75th Birthday Party 

Dr. Carole Weaver Linsner at her 75th Birthday Party 

Known for her sunny disposition, her singing, especially in her church choir, and a scotch before dinner, Carole could quote Shakespeare at the drop of a hat. “Glama,” as she was known by her grandson, was famous for her dramatic wardrobe, her life-long love of thrift shops, and her unconditional love for her family.


Well-known in her community, Dr. Carole Weaver Linsner was a long-time supporter of RoCA (Rockland Center for the Arts) where her husband, Kenneth Jay Linsner is the Board President. She assisted with fundraising as well as developing a series of programs and events for RoCA in 2019 focused on her favorite topic, Art and Healing.


She is survived by her second husband Ken Linsner, an appraiser and art historian, sons, James Weaver, a film and television producer, David Weaver a film marketing executive, grandson Mac (McKewin) Weaver, beloved niece Katie, stepdaughters Whitney and Lara and daughters-in-law, Kari and Carla. Her brother Vince McKewin, a long-time screenwriter, also survives her. He always said his sister was the best writer in the family.


Carole liked to say that one of the best times in her life was the six months she spent teaching English Composition to American fighter pilots in Bermuda as a part of her overseas stint for the University of Maryland. Fighter pilots. In Bermuda.The girl did like to party.

About Dr. Carole Weaver

I believe in the healing power of art.

Carole Weaver, PhD, is a writer, professional speaker, and fund-raising consultant who lives in Rockland County, New York . . .


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